7.2 kWh PylonTech Off-Grid Li-ion Solar Solution Package

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7.2 kWh PylonTech Off-Grid Li-ion Solar Solution Package

SKU SOL-7.2 kWh PylonTech


This kit has been pre-designed and engineered for Off-Grid Commercial / Residential Units

Designed to make installation as simple and hassle free as possible with all the cabling, fuses and breakers sizes having been pre-worked and most of the system is plug n' play. The solution Complies with relevant NRS and SANS standards.

The kit includes a pre-wired distribution board including all miscellaneous items such as AC breakers, bypass switch, fuses, battery cables and links. The Solar Combiner box connects all the strings and has required fuses, an isolator and surge protection build in and comes with MC4 connectors as well as two solution specific PV mounting structures.

The system can be used as a Hybrid Solar-back-up system, run your day time loads off solar or expand the lithium battery bank. 

Kit includes:

1 x Axpert Hybrid 5000VA / 5000W Inverter Charger 4000W MPPT 220V 48V DC
3 x Pylon US2000B Plus 12.0kWh Li-Ion Battery Package 10 YR Warranty
3 x  2 x Brackets - Pylon US2000B
2 x Cable Pack for US2000B / Phantom-S Batteries
12 x Canadian Solar 275W Poly (K) 60 Cell MC4 (Total of 3300 Watts)
1 x Mount AX Series 5M includes Switches / Solar Fuses / DC Breakers
1 x 4 String Combiner Box 4 strings MC4 + Surge Protection
1 x Cable Solar Cable 6mm 100M Length Black
10 x MC4-PAIR MC4 Connector Pair
3 x Solar Mount 4 X 60 / 72 Cell onto IBR Roof Structure

Solution Designed and Intended for:

  • Off-Grid Commercial / Residential Units
  • Suitable Off-Grid installations
  • Standard package ready to install
  • Delivery Excluded
  • All products carry full warranty
  • AC DC Distribution pre-wired with 100A fuses, breakers and switch
  • Kit comes with all connection and wiring diagrams