BOSCH Serie 4 Frost Free Fridge 505L KGN56VI30U

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BOSCH Serie 4 Frost Free Fridge 505L KGN56VI30U



The Bosch Serie 4 Frost Free Fridge features an extra-deep frozen food drawer for practical stacking of frozen foods container or large frozen items like gateaux or pizzas. No matter whether you have to cater for a child’s birthday or freeze a wedding cake in the BigBox you will find enough space for large frozen goods.

Just press a button to switch to the most economic operating mode. When you activate the EcoMode function, the fridge automatically adjusts to an economical chilling temperature.
LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges, guaranteeing even, glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last a lifetime.
Conventional freezers might successfully freeze your foods, but keeping them frozen is not always guaranteed. SuperFreezing freezes food faster and protects existing frozen food from defrosting when adding new food to the freezer. Appliances with an automatic freezing function return to normal operation once the required temperature is reached, preventing energy waste.
Activating the SuperCooling function before you go shopping will lower the temperature for a short period of time to keep your fresh shopping at the right temperature.
The fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimised and cooling times reduced – which helps your foods retain their flavour for longer.

•Frost free
•Air fresh filter
•Multi Airflow-System
•Supercool function
•Superfreeze function
•Capacity of 505L
•Energy efficient
•Doors inox EasyClean
•4 safety glass shelves
•VitaFresh keeps fresh food crisp for longer


Dimensions 700 x 1930 x 800 mm
Weight 91kg
Power Input 100W
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Capacity 505L