Snomaster BD/C-65 Stainless Steel Single Compartment Fridge or Freezer

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Snomaster BD/C-65 Stainless Steel Single Compartment Fridge or Freezer


Size: 730/750 W x 530/570 D x 450 H
Weight: 31.5 kg | Volume: 65 Litres

Temp variance: -22⁰C to 10⁰C
Digital thermostat

Low Profile to fit under Tourney Covers, Bag not supplied.
Wireless Controller (Solar Powered)


  • Dual 220/12volt fridge or freezer
  • S/steel cabinet
  • Lid open Alarm
  • 3 Internal baskets included
  • Voltage Cut out can be set between 10 & 11.5 Volts
  • Bottle opener


  • Single Compartment
  • Wireless monitor allows you to monitor your unit on long trips.
  • 7 year Warranty on SnoMaster 66 Watt Compressor.