Hytera PD405 Hand Portable Patrol Radio VHF 136-174MHz

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Hytera PD405 Hand Portable Patrol Radio VHF 136-174MHz


Compact, lightweight and affordable the PD405 is the latest hand portable radio in the Hytera digital range. The PD405 has superior audio quality with a loud and clear digital voice. Dual mode allows the PD405 to feature both an analogue and digital mixed channel, providing maximum flexibility within your radio system.

This radio is suitable for construction workers, security personnel, warehouse operatives, factory workers and a range of other industries.

The Hytera PD405 is available in both UHF 400-470 Mhz and VHF 136-174Mhz.

Hytera PD405 Hand Portable Brochure

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Key Features
•Size 112 X 54 X28mm
•Weight 260g including 1500mAh battery
•32 channels 3 zones
•12.5/25KHZ selectable channel spacing
•Digital voice call function
•In digital mode, around 16 hours of operation
•Digital text messaging function (preprogrammable message)
•Scanning (analogue or digital channel)
•One touch call/text message
•TDMA direct mode in DMO
•Supports mix (analogue and digital) channel

Package includes
•Standard antenna
•Li-Ion Battery (1500mAh)
•Leather Strap
•Belt Clip