Lorentz Dry Run Well Probe

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Lorentz Dry Run Well Probe


Mechanically Activated Device for Dry Run Protection in Applications with LORENTZ Solar Pump Systems. The switch can be used to detect the water level within a well. When the water level in the well dropped below the level of the well probe, the LORENTZ Controller will stop the pump and indicates Source Low LED.

• Reliable dry run protection.
• Simple to install.
• Trouble free operation.
• Corrosion-free.
• Splicing kit included.

Technical Data
 • Max. Operating temperature 55°C.
 • Enclosure class - IP68.
 • Submersion depth - max 50 m.
 • Cable length - 1.5m.
 • Wire size - 2 x 0.75mm² or AWG 19, waterproofed.
 • Mounted in vertical position.
Dimension / Weight
 • Packaging dimensions - 260mm x 170mm x 40 mm.
 • Total weight - 0.1kg.