Pure Sinewave Inverter 48VDC to 230VAC 3000W

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Pure Sinewave Inverter 48VDC to 230VAC 3000W

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SKU FBI3000P48

This inverter converts DC power from a battery into 230 Volt AC “true sine wave” power which is identical to utility power which runs pumps, fans and motors quieter and cooler and more efficiently. 600 Watts of continuous output power and a compact design, makes this unit ideal for running any of the following: TVs, stereos, laptops, PCs, chargers and many other home appliances as well as sensitive electronics or appliances with motors in them.

The FBI3000P/48 inverter is ideal for off-grid systems
Pure sine wave
Power factor – 1
Continuous power – 3kVA/3kW
Input DC – 48V
Output AC – 220/230V
Option to add battery charger to suit the battery bank
AC input – if used, the load is powered from the AC input and no load is drawn from the batteries
Auto transfer switch – enables UPS function

Necessary to add a battery charger and batteries for this

Has the following protections:
Low voltage input DC ◦Over voltage
Thermal (overheat)
Output short circuit

Product dimensions:
(W) Width: 615mm
(H) Height: 235mm
(D) Depth: 335mm
(KG) Weight: 7.6Kg