SVM Pressure Set 1000/25 Plus TLS 800W

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SVM Pressure Set 1000/25 Plus TLS 800W

SKU 1000/25 Plus TLS 800W

SVM pressure sets are the sets of choice with high efficiency
Stainless steel pump, incorporating EPDM food grade bladder,
best suited for transportation of pressurised drinking water.



  • Automatic distribution of pressurised water for domestic
  • purposes:
  • Increase pressure of mains supply
  • Garden watering – automatic irrigation
  • Pressure distribution of water from wells and storage tanks
  • Washing systems.


  • Self-priming high efficiency pump with jet hydraulic system
  • with thermal overload protection
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Pressure tank fitted with EPDM food grade membrane for
  • drinking water
  • Noryl® PRO pump impeller.

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